Art | Hauser & Wirth

The Poster Book

Concept: Hauser & Wirth and Studio Achermann
Design: Studio Achermann, Yves Gerteis

Dieter Roth – Paper
Hauser & Wirth Publishers 2016 – 2017
Artists Advertisements by Various Artists
Various Posters
Artist Bag by Various Artists, 2016
Artist Bag by Various Artists, 2012
Cotton Bags in different Colors – Hauser & Wirth
Shop Window at Savile Row, London – 20 Years of Hauser & Wirth
Book – Louise Bourgeois –L'araignée et les tapisseries
Book – Rodney Graham – The Four Seasons
Artist Book – Roni Horn – Rings of Lispector (Agua Viva)

Text: Hélène Cixous

Catalogue – London in Zurich – A group show of London-based artists at Hauser & Wirth Zurich

Text: Gregor Muir

Artist Book – Michael Raedecker – Show
Artist Book – Guillermo Kuitca – Theatre Collages

Text: Stephen Barlow, Karen Wright

Artist Book – Andreas Hofer – This Island Earth

Text: Caoimhin Mac Giolla Léith